Forensic Economics

Forensic Economics

We act as experts in judicial, civil, criminal and contentious-administrative procedures. The importance of economic matters means that the work of the expert is essential in conflict resolution, especially in tax matters.

In FIDE Asesores Legales y Tributarios, aware of the importance of forensic economics, we carry out rigorous, serious and thorough work, aiding lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

FIDE Asesores Legales y Tributarios is registered with REFOR, the Register of Forensic Economists of the General Council of Associations of Economists of Spain.

Our work consists of:

  • Preparation of technical reports, especially on tax and economic crimes.
  • Advice for lawyers in judicial proceedings on economic and tax matters.
  • Elaboration and implementation of a Crime Prevention Model (“criminal compliance”) specifically for companies in the hydrocarbons and energy sector, which includes adequate monitoring and control measures to prevent tax offenses in the field of Special Taxes and VAT, as well as Such as the supervision of the operation and compliance with the prevention model implemented.